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learn the skills for awesome hair for at the pub or  in the playground!!


I get asked a lot to help people out with the day to day mangaement of their hair. How they can make the most of what they have and how to look after and style there hair in between the hairdresser. Another common request is from parents and carers on how to sort out and style their kids hair!!.. Well, I can help you out.


How to Hair Party

Imagine a night in with your best pals, talking all things make up and hair. Getting bespoke hints and tips on making the best out of your own hair. Demo’s, how to’s, your questions answered and mini one to ones over crisps, dip and prosecco.

Kids Hair Workshop

This isn’t just plaits and ponys. We teach you how to detangle, blowdry and style your little people. Practical advice to make your life easier when it comes to their hair. Easy, pretty, modern styles your kids will love.

Made to order

Educating women on how to make the most of their hair and make up. You tell me what you need help with and i,ll create a workshop around just that bespoke to you.

Pamper Party (Under 14 years)  

1 hour 45 mins, up to 10 children ... £150 (£10 per additional child)

bHow to Hair Party 

90 mins, 3 people minimum ... £100 (£20 per additional adult)

How to Kids Hair 

75 mins, 3 people minimum ... £70 (£10 per additional adult)

Made to Order Lessons

1 hour, 1 person ... £50 (£20 per additional adult, up to 4)

Skills Workshop

2 hours, 3 people minimum ... £60 per person

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